Complete quests and earn BANANO Tokens

BANANO Quest was built to show how easy it is to create an application that interacts with the blockchain using the Pocket iOS SDK.


How To Play

Search for a Quest around your area. Pay attention to: the distance, the number of BANANOS available and the quest ETH prizes.

Find the hidden BANANO using the hint provided by the quest creator. Look around for the BANANO with your Augmented Reality camera.

Claim the BANANO Token along with cryptocurrency prizes to complete the Quest. Collect them all in your account!

Why Blockchain?

Building a mobile application with the blockchain opens up unique gaming styles of play and new revenue opportunities for developers. Players receive a one of a kind token that can potentially have real value for them outside of the game itself. Pocket Network (the company) is receiving 10% of all Ether prizes added to quests. We built this simple app to show the potential of leveraging the blockchain in mobile applications, starting with Ethereum in yours.

The Pocket platform opens up blockchain development with just one line of code and no blockchain experience necessary.

BANANO Quest combines:

  • Pocket iOS SDK for easy access to Ethereum and the blockchain
  • ARKit to find the BANANOS with MKMapView Coordinates
  • Open source philosophy with the entire application available on GitHub
  • Ethereum smart contracts to award unique BANANOS for questers